I want you next to me, in my bed, your clothes making friends with my floor. Love me hard enough so we wake up the neighbors.

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olicity + oliver queen and felicity smoak standing next to each other (◕‿◕✿) 

 Damon smiling because of Elena


There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.” ― Sarah Dessen


theiitgirll said: I just want to say how much perfect is your blog, you have the best gifs sets ever <3 Can I suggest a prompt? Olicity first date :3

He’ll never forget her reaction when he first asked her out on a date. “You mean a date? a date-date? like an actual date?” she asked with the cutest confused face and now… here they were. ”Does the madam have a preference of wine?” the waiter asked her. “Actually” she began but Oliver interrupted “She prefers red. thank you.” and turned his head to see a surprised Felicity. He smiled. Yes, he remembered she loved red wine. Felicity smiled back and the prettiest blush appeared on her cheeks. He never got tired of seeing her blush. 

She was so beautiful. His girl. He could stare at her all day if he could. “Do you see anything you like?” she asked, still looking down at her menu but breaking him out of his trance. “I do.” he whispered, except he wasn’t talking about the menu. They spent the entire night enjoying each other’s company, failing to notice that the restaurant had closed an hour ago but the owners were very close with the Queens. Being here with Felicity helped Oliver finally realized that he could actually have a life outside of the Arrow… too bad he ended up jinxing himself…

END NOTE: you probably hate me because of the ending!! I wanted it to match the 3x01 date description! theiitgirll THANK YOU SO MUCH for being soooo patient babe! I told you I didn’t forget about you! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO arrowtothemoon! I hope you guys liked it! ;) p.s. NOT accepting prompts! Trying to finish the ones from June!

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