And the legacy lives on, going strong! Let us not forget: Who owns the throne?


Get To Know Me Meme [1/10] Favorite Musicians → Christina Aguilera

“It’s funny how society places such strict standards upon young blonde females. We’re supposed to play the clean-cut view the public wants of us. But I am not your little cookie-cutter virgin.”

I pay no mind to the negative kind, cause it’s just no way to be. I don’t stop to please someone else’s needs, gonna live my life for me.

Destiny is for losers. It’s just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen.


Olicity in 3.01 “The Calm” - New Promotional Photos

Elena closing her eyes while she’s in Damon’s arms

Q: What year were Damon and Stefan Salvatore turned into vampires?

"There was nothing sweeter in her life these days than Damon’s kisses. She could drift like this forever, forgetting the outside world. And that was a good thing, because she had the feeling that there was much depression in the outside and not too much happiness. But if she could always come back to this, this welcome, this sweetness, this ecstasy…"                                               — Shadow Souls